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There really is a shortcut to success - it's called education!

Many traders have struggled for years to try to become successful. Perhaps you are one who has done this, or you may be new to the game. It's interesting to note how many people expect to come into the trading arena and take money from some of the smartest, fastest, and richest people on the planet. It doesn't often turn out the way they hoped.

Just as you would expect to pay for education if you wanted to become an attorney, a doctor, or a chemist, it would make sense to get the best education you can afford when it comes to your trading career. However, quality education, while priceless in terms of value, doesn't have to be expensive. You will find most of our programs are very affordable, especially when you consider the value of the content.

It is our heartfelt belief that it rarely works to purchase a video or an instruction manual, read it or watch it over a weekend, and then expect to successfully implement it on Monday morning when the market opens. In fact, even when taught a successful methodology, many traders still fail. The government required disclaimer posted on each page of this site is there for a reason - very few traders actually succeed.

As educators, we feel that for education to have true and lasting value, most traders will need more support and assistance than can be gained from a brief video or manual.  Therefore, most of our materials are designed around a program which allows you to receive ongoing support and instruction. In fact, some of our programs last for 3 months or longer so that you have time to fully understand and implement our methods.

As you browse through our Products page, you will notice most of the videos are tailored to futures markets. I have produced them this way for a reason - taxes. There are many tax benefits from trading futures instead of stocks. So although the videos are primarily for futures, they can also be adapted to stocks and currencies.

Each of the videos may be purchased separately as desired. However, the best bargains will come with a private or semi-private mentorship, where you receive all of our videos for one reasonable fee, but also gain the added benefit of personal attention and assistance in a live web conferencing environment over a period of time.

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