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We currently offer a few different ways of receiving instruction, which are detailed briefly below.

1. Recorded Video Training - We offer a variety of topics that will help to simplify the steps needed to become a successful trader. These will deal with some specific markets, such as crude oil or the S&P e-mini, and reveals how to trade them profitably. Other videos deal with specific methods, such as reading tape or using one indicator to more quickly learn how to trade price action. All videos are in a High Definition format, so the quality will enable a pleasant experience. 

2. Recorded Video Training combined with ongoing daily support - Some of our videos are available with up to 30 days of live trading room support. For example, we frequently offer special packages which allow 30 days of access to our morning training room. You are able to observe a professional trader as he navigates through the market, you can see his entries in real time, and you are always welcome to ask questions as part of your ongoing training.

3. Live Workshops - Occasionally we offer live workshops. These are typically multi-day online web conferencing sessions where we will address topics of concern to traders. These are not to be confused with free promotional webinars - they are very similar in content to our private mentorships, just diced up into easily digested lessons. It is true instruction, not a sales pitch, so there is a modest charge for them. For someone who cannot afford a private mentorship, this would be a good way of gaining the education over time at a reduced cost. Sign up for our newsletter below, and indicate that you are interested in receiving updates about workshops.

4. Private and Semi-private Mentorships - for people truly wanting to understand how to be a self-directed trader, a mentorship will be the most appropriate way to get there. My mentorship program is based on the following premise: I don't believe most individuals can watch a brief video or read a course manual and then go out Monday morning and become a trader. Same thing goes for mentorships where you have 4 days to try to master trading.  Seems like many try, but they bounce so quickly from one methodology to another that they never stop and master anything.

That's not to say that video's don't work - some traders who have a good basic grasp of the market may find one video gives them the last piece of the puzzle they need to succeed. However, I encourage people to try to make enough of a commitment to one method so that they can actually master it.

So the mentorship works this way: First, we provide you with a copy of each one of our training videos so that you can get a broad overview of various setups. These videos lay the foundation for your success.

Next, after spending a couple of hours talking with you about your goals and where you currently stand, we schedule private sessions - which do not need to run consecutively - to work on the disciplines you most desire to master. This is completed using a web conferencing application. 

As we continue, I provide ongoing support through our daily training room. This is a very small and personal online room for mentorship students, and is primarily an educational tool. The room exists to help you implement the instruction you have received and to master the discipline required to succeed. 

Those who choose to participate in the private mentorship will not be grouped in with other students and will receive the undivided attention of the instructor. They also have the option of extending their time by an additional month for a reasonable fee.

Bear in mind that whether you participate in the private or the group mentorship, this is not a room for shadow trading - this is a room designed to teach you discipline, responsibility, and emotional control. The methods used are designed to give you courage and help you to believe in yourself and your analysis. 

Many participants state that the methods used in the room pushed them so hard that when they went back to trading alone, it felt so easy that they no longer had the fears that had plagued them in the past. The reason? This mentorship is the boot camp that prepares you for the battle ground of the market. I don't put a gun to your head, but I definitely plan on making you do pushups...

Group mentorships are also available at a discounted price. Please see our online store for details. Depending on how many have purchased the group mentorships at any given time, there may be anywhere from 1 to 5 people in the room, so it's not overly crowded. We encourage you to use your time in the room to ask questions, participate in the exercises, and observe so that you learn how to think and act like a true professional.

All products are available at our online store. However, I encourage you to contact me and we can schedule a bit of time to talk before you decide if a mentorship is right for you.


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