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Can the Time and Sales (T&S) be the key to trading success?

I'm biased, but the answer in my mind is an enthusiastic YES, and a grudging 'Maybe'! I would go so far as to say that you couldn't trade without the data presented in the T&S. Everything in your chart is built from that data - time, price, and volume. Any indicator you use, any form of charting, all of it is fully dependent on that important information.

What most people don't realize, or at least benefit from, is that through proper use of the T&S, you can track HFTs, hedge funds, mutual funds, and the largest commercials. You can see what they are doing and where they pose a danger to your trade. If you're good at reading tape, you will avoid some of the losers that come from a lack of awareness of what these firms are doing. You can also gain the ability to make the tape your entire trading plan.

However, as many of you know, that has become increasingly hard in the era of HFTs, especially since the advent of FIX/FAST coding on the exchange engine in 2006-2009. Thus the grudging 'Maybe' mentioned above. Many understand how to read the T&S but can't effectively implement it in their own trading, typically due to lack of ability to keep up and a memory that just won't hold everything necessary.

Enter a solution: We have finalized an analysis platform that takes this important data and transforms it into a visual interface so that you no longer have to stare at a series of numerical digits scrolling down your screen. Not only can you see the here and now, you can see into the past.

Imagine sitting down shortly before the broader market open and seeing exactly what the institutions and commercials did in the pre-market and European market hours. Were they snoozing, panicking, or greedily grabbing everything in sight? Was the market whipping back and forth, driven only by the small retail traders? Or were the commercials caught offside, scrambling to re-position? Until the advent of our platform, you had no clue unless you watched it in real-time.

This platform is so unique and powerful that we are only releasing it to small groups of clients in a mentorship setting. Full training is provided along with the access to the platform. Is it the secret to success? Many have said yes. It has been about 18 months since we first released it to former mentorship students. All but 3 are still subscribed today, and consider it indispensable.

Please contact us to get further information about joining our next mentorship group, or sign up today.