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The Price Action Room was founded by Joel Parker, one of the world's most highly acclaimed tape readers. Starting in the summer of 2000, he worked to develop a way to accurately read and gauge order flow using the Time and Sales window available on most common trading platforms. This is not the 'fake' tape reading that many sites feature, which in reality throws away actual tape reading skill and tries to replace it with market delta, tick charts, or even minute bars. Our years of experience have proven that it is not the same.

While many sites claim to offer 'holy grail' or 'magic bullet' type trading systems, we strongly believe that a discretionary trader using simple trading techniques coupled with the ability to read order flow will vastly outperform any so-called system which was curve-fitted to what the market used to be. Tape reading has stood the test of time for over 130 years through all types of market conditions, something that virtually no other trading method can claim.

We realize that choosing assistance in learning how to trade makes many traders nervous and rightly so. The industry is full of scam artists and lying salesmen. Please feel free to contact us before making any purchase. We would prefer to talk to you in person, evaluate your needs and capabilities, and allow you to get to know us a bit before deciding if what we teach is for you.

Our goal in working with you is to teach you what is really going on in today's markets and how to react to current conditions. We don't sell systems, but instead train you how to think and act like a true professional trader. Finally, we pledge to always provide you with more education than you pay for. Our customers rave about the way they are treated - with kindness, honesty, and integrity. When you are ready to really learn how to become an active trader, please turn to us with confidence in the services we will provide.

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