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To resolve most platform issues:

1. At the bottom left corner of the Control Console, make sure that you are connected to our Production server AND a data feed. If only our server is connected, you will have historical data but no live data. If necessary, create a new CQG demo account or plug in the credentials for your data feed.
2. If any issues are still occurring, right-click the Prod.** server name in the lower left corner of the Control Console and disconnect it. Then right-click it again and connect to a different Prod.** server. For example, disconnect from Prod.U1 and connect to Prod.G1 or Prod.E1 and see if the issue is resolved.
3. If this does not resolve the issue, please send a support request using the form below, making sure to describe your problem in the comment field.

If you have questions about the platform or would like details about an annual or lifetime pass, please submit your information using the form below.

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