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The Twisted Ramblings Of An Old Man

So, it's not really a blog. It's more of a rant. And truth be told, I'm not really that old. Going to be 42 this year. But trading is a young man's business - in trader's years, 42 is old, more like 75 or so. I feel that entitles me to grump about the hypocrisy and problems in the trading education business.  So here is my two cents worth on all that is wrong in my industry.

Indicator Salesmen
Don't know what charting platform you use. Mine has literally hundreds of indicators built in. They are free. The formulas used to calculate them are in the public domain, and in most cases have been for decades. They also typically don't work if you use them as they were intended to be used. However, Joe Failed Trader comes along, reprograms the indicator to paint a little colored dot every once and again, and voilà, this indicator is now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

Give me a break! If I ever came up with an indicator that did work, I, along with any other smart person would do one of two things:


Probably not! That's likely why you're here looking at this site. Don't feel bad though - the majority of traders are in the same spot in their trading careers. Seems like we're always just around the corner from the big breakthrough. And usually, just when we think we have it figured out, a new problem pops up to haunt us.

So let's figure out why you're here. Perhaps you are a complete newcomer to trading and you have been referred here by your broker - if so, great! You are a step ahead, because you are trying to learn how to trade before you blow out. Your broker wants to see you succeed, so he points you in our direction because he knows over the long haul, education is your best chance of succeeding.
Or maybe you've been trading for some time and have a fairly good understanding of technical analysis or fundamentals. You have purchased courses on indicators, programmed your own indicators, bought indicators, studied indicators, and yet somehow, you still can't find success. Perhaps you are here because you are looking for information on Price Action trading. 

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